Sunday Worship Schedule – Livestream via Facebook Live and outdoor worship in the parking lot (scroll down to see outdoor worship procedures).

Sunday, September 27th
LiveStream of Worship 9:15am on Facebook
Outdoor Worship 10:30am at Holy Cross
Worship & Wonder 10:30am on Facebook and 10:45am on YouTube
Sunday, October 4th
Prerecorded Worship 9:15am on Facebook
Outdoor Worship 10:30am at Holy Cross
Sunday, October 11th
In person Worship 9:15am in Holy Cross Sanctuary
LiveStream of Worship 9:15am on Facebook

Previous services available on our YouTube Channel.


Procedure for Outdoor Worship at 10:30am
Pull into an open parking space. Small chairs will block every other parking
space. You may sit in lawn chairs in front of your parking space. Please do not sit beyond the width of your parking space in order to maintain social distancing.

Outside of your car, a mask must be worn at all times.
Inside your car, you do not need to wear a mask.

The service will be broadcast from a speaker for those sitting outside and
also be available on your car radio. Tune to 94.1 FM.
Once parked or in your lawn chairs, pre-packaged communion elements and bulletins will be distributed on a tray to your parking space or car by Pastor Amy or a worship assistant.

Should you need to enter the building at any time, please follow the procedures listed at both doors: sanitize hands, sign-in, wear a mask, proceed to restrooms or area of the building you need to access, dispose of any wipes or masks as you leave the building. Please remain at least 6 feet away from others not residing in your household.

Please remain in your car and tune your radio to 94.1FM. The service will proceed as usual and communion will be brought to your car.


We are a liturgical church! As such, our worship has some fundamental structure which we follow each Sunday. A key component is communion. Everyone is invited to the alter to receive communion.

We will also sing, read scripture, and listen to a sermon.

We provide a bulletin which will let you know what is happening during the service. You can also ask someone next to you!

While the Covid-19 pandemic is present we have modified some of our worship. For example, no group singing. An usher will be happy to inform you of any changes in worship.